About Us

The main objectives are:

• Establish a strong, highly technical and efficient organization with headquarters in the USA.

• Effectively penetrate the domestic market by building strong customer relationships based on trust, technical support, 24/7 customer services and competitive technologies.

• Grow capital value worth more than $50 M USD by 2020.

• Expand business presence internationally to eastern hemisphere.

• Maximize the return on investment (ROI) and give a fair return to sthe members of LSV US, LLC.



To become one of the most trusted, profitable and fast-growing investment group, capable of creating and managing independent and well-structured companies focused on Energy, Transportation and Oil and Gas Sectors at a global scale.


To build a highly qualified and talented group of professionals with strong technical background, capable of successfully implementing high management and quality standards, key transparent communication processes, and solid long-term customer relationships based on mutual respect and common goals under international standards and global protocols.

Values and Corporate Principles:

To support a culture of organization, according to legal and ethical procedures and compromised with our clients, shareholders and employees.