Well Testing



Liberty standard separator EI Solutions Venezuela, CA for well test operations, consisting of a horizontal vessel design three phases separating in an efficient way the well effluent into its three components (gas, oil and water). To allow these separate phases are individually measures recombined if the case, then routed to a collecting tank or plant, or controlled burning surface depending on the operation

The separator operating parameters vary with the type of fluid and the flow conditions, and for an optimized separation is achieved by controlling the pressure and fluid levels within the container. Controlling the temperature upstream of the separator, it is another important factor operation of the container.

Fixed internal components inside the separator vessel (inlet diverter, impact plates, landfill coalescing plates / defoamer breaker fog) also help in this process. Once stable at rates prevailing process conditions; gas, oil / condensate and water can be measured in meters of liquid and gas separately through each output line of the container.

The vessel is protected against overpressure couple two independent safety valves desfogan a separate ventilation pipe

• Ground operations to offshore.
• Testing DST
• Cleaning wells
• Production testing well
• Early Production Facilities.

Features, Advantages and Benefits:
• Sampling points and making several data input line and the output of the different phases.
• configuration flexibility and internal components, allowing the use of a nozzle “Go Man.”
• System anti explosion electrical lighting units for marine or ground work with roof type structure.
• NuFlo ™ flow meters allow analog or digital data recording.
• flanged pipe sections which allow the installation of alternative measuring devices for liquid and gas phases.
• Multiple nozzles in the vessel allowing instalaci6n instrumentation and alarm systems for pressure, level and close the well.
• Construction according to NACE standards for work in environments sour (H2S / C02).

Structural skid, equipped with four load points and certified slings and forklift integral holes.


Storage tank 500 Bls
Used to store solids and liquids produced in oil wells, even when there is installed on location, early production facilities and flow lines to carry fluids to remote facilities.

• Onshore Operations
• Drill stem
• Cleaning wells.
• Well Testing
• Early Production Facilities.

Features, Advantages and Benefits:

  • Quick and ample storage for temporary installations.
    • Possibility of interconnection between several tanks through multiple valves and pipes or hoses, for projects greater storage needs.
    • Height 8 ‘6 “- Length 40” – Width 8’ – Approximate weight 18,000 lbs.
    • Equipped with stairs to the top and rails around the entire roof and the access stairs.
    • Multiple input 3 “equipped with butterfly valves.
    • Arrests flames 6 “at the top, rear consisted.
    • 2 accesses man on the side for internal cleaning and inspection.
    • Building, Chapa 1/4 “ASTM A36 Carbon Steel.






Pipe and Fittings
Piping systems and accessories flowline Liberty Solutions of Venezuela CA, are made with third supplier experts on this type of equipment, according to our summary table of specifications. Within these piping systems temporary flow lines and accessories include: reels of pipe elbows, tees, crosses, for use in applications both onshore and offshore. Pipe flowline or pipeline is considered temporary loose pipes, packages equipment interconnection or connection to or from the wellhead.

• Operations onshore and offshore.
• DST tests.
• Cleaning wells.
• Production testing of wells.
Features, Advantages and Benefits:
• compact and adaptable to the needs of the operation design.
• Connections compatible with the ends of all surface equipment.
• Ratings presi6n allowed to be manufactured under this category of temporary pipe line flow are: ANSI Class 150, ANSI Class 300, ANSI Class 600, ANSI Class 900i, API 3000, API 5000, API 10000, and 15000. No API Another classification is allowed.
• Wide range of diameters from 2 inches to 8 inches, and lengths from one (1) foot up to fifteen (15) are available.
• The screw joints (female) 2 “are the unsupported type with wing joints (male).
• have round bores uninterrupted to minimize turbulence and pressure drop.
• Hydrostatic testing and certification for all the accessories.
• full traceability of materials.